The PicoTurbine Company Kits: Teaching Children To Be Green

I came up with the idea for this blog post earlier in the week during an appointment with my . I found an excellent article in one of the magazines in the reception area. I read the entire article while I was waiting for my appointment and decided I would do some additional research at back to my apartment.

I discovered some pretty interesting details, so I decided to share them online. Makes me happy that I stumbled across that magazine during my visit.

One of the most crucial problems with the green movement is education. The PicoTurbine Company is attempting to address this. What looks like the best way to teach children on the value of alternative energy is the use of the PicoTurbine Company’s kits, books and projects. These things are produced in an effort to convince young people who will develop the environment they will inherit. They have the purpose of getting our youth to understand the need to advance renewable energy sources. For a better future, green energy is the right place to get started.

The PicoTurbine Company thinks that not simply remembering it or showing them something but to get involved is the most effective way to learn. The kits the company offers are developed to get children involved in different learning situations through hands-on tasks. PicoTurbine Company’s specialty is wind energy, so they demonstrate how heat can be made by using a picture wire as the heating element. They have learned that ordinarily reaction of people to wind energy is that it is cold energy, but when they learn that wind can generate heat for the home, they are quite astonished.

Another project the company has is to have the class divided into groups and have them construct wind turbines. They can compare their respective turbines to see which ones produce the most electricity, which one requires the least wind power, or which ones look the best. They have designed a curriculum that they would like for instructors to give to their students. The course of study includes alternative energy sources that are renewable, such as solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass, in addition to their own, energy generated by the wind.

As we continue looking at ways to utilize alternative energy sources, we can eventually decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Utilizing these alternative energy sources is becoming more and more low-cost. A number of the things pointed out by the PicoTurbine Company kits are that a commercial success is already being enjoyed by producers of wind energy facilities and solar panels. A prime example of the cost-effectiveness is the solar cells, which used to be $1000 per watt but now can be had for merely $4, and it is still dropping.

Another area of focus is how fossil fuels are causing significant harm to the environment through pollution. It’s been proven that the burning of fossil fuels has caused serious health problems. A lot of major illnesses like asthma, allergies and cancer are the direct outcome of employing fossil fuels. Our environment would be greatly helped with regular use of clean energy. At least the PicoTurbine Company is attempting to make it a reality.

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