Treating Scabies No Matter What Your Age Whether You Are Young Or Old

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On the bright side, effective remedies for dealing with scabies have been discovered by medical professionals and through science. Scabies originated from the Latin word, scabere, which means, to itch. Having the Seven Year Itch is an older saying that is associated with having scabies. The idea of actually having to deal with scabies for seven years is pretty tough. We imagine that must come from history when successful and fast treatment was unknown. However scabies is something that can have an affliction on both humans and animals. Mange is something that we know dogs can be afflicted with, and that ailment is a variation of scabies. Each of these sicknesses can now be dealt with, but nevertheless it is vital to remedy it immediately, as it is highly transmittable.

Scabies has been treated quite successfully by using two different topical treatments, Ivermectin and Permethrin. If one member of a family is getting treatments for scabies, it is strongly recommended by doctors, that everyone in the household gets treated. The recommendations by doctors is to get treatment whether there are symptoms or not. If a condition can be passed around, then it must be stopped to keep it from recurring. There is a possibility, even with no signs of the disease, that a person can still have scabies. Crusted scabies doesn’t always occur, and that is the only time external antiseptics need to be applied, even though mites can live for a while outside the body. Often times, there will be itchiness after the remedy and healing processes have begun for scabies. This is highly likely and not out of the ordinary. You keep on feeling itchy because your body is sensitive to the dead mites and fecal stuff that is still present. Nevertheless, you can carry on taking antihistamines for this. As a side note, you should not be the one to determine if your child needs an antihistamine. Get a hold of your physician and move onward with their suggestions. Take note about your progress, and if itching is still present two to four weeks after treatment, then you may need to be treated again.

Many people in the United States will be prescribed Elimite which is another name for the topical cream permethrin. In regard to toxicity, Elimite is the lesser of two evils regarding the treatment of scabies topically. Infants, even as young as a few months old, that get scabies may safely be treated with permethrin.

There are many considerations that must be made before using lindane opposed to those that use permethrin. Those that are able to use Lindane must fit certain medical requirements before it can be prescribed. You would not be eligible to use this remedy for scabies if you weigh less than 110 pounds and are older. Once you realize that you may have scabies, you must see your doctor for effective scabies treatment if a positive diagnosis is made. Then you need to put forth your best effort in fumigating all of your personal items in your home.

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